My experience at the Arbors

- Hunter Metcalfe
I moved from a rural area to the Fairlakes area at the beginning of January 2016. My mom and I visited at the end of December. We had went to two other apartment complexes, which were nice. However, when we went to the Arbors, we were greeted by Arielle, who was, by far, the nicest person. She welcomed me very warmly to their apartment community and was very good about answering all of our questions. She took us to a one bedroom apartment, The Potomac, and when I walked inside I felt at home. You will know what I'm talking about if you ever come and visit this community. Besides the apartments quality, I also enjoyed the wooded area around the apartments, it kind of reminded me a bit about rural Maryland. After living here for two months now, I cannot to fall more in love with the area and the community. The maintenance staff is absolutely the best, fixing your issues the next day and are always so very nice and courteous when visiting your home. Arielle knows each of the residents by name and is always greeting you with a smile when you come to visit. I feel VERY safe in this community. Overall, the apartments are quiet, but of course you do hear your neighbors walking every so often if you're not on the third floor. And not only is the community itself nice, but it's right in the middle of fair lakes which is so close to almost all the stores and restaurants you could desire. Also, don't forget being only 15 minutes from the Vienna Metro station. I do have only one complaint, but even with this complaint I have no regret with living here, and that is - the windows are extremely drafty. I moved in at a very cold time of year and areas around my windows were very cold (living room, and bedroom). However, I spoke to the leasing manager and Nelson, the maintenance man, came and put plastic up on my windows and talk about a massive difference. Even though the area is noticeably warmer, it has improved majorly and my heater is not running often now. Again I recommend this community 100%. When leave work, I don't come to an apartment, I come to my home. Thanks again Arbors for welcoming me as your family and making my first move an enjoyable one!